Organizer + Planter Combo

Organizer + Planter Combo

Mask + Mug Combo


Product 1: The AirEn Mask

  • ‌The breathability, fit, the design and the filtration technology makes the AirEn advanced. The filtration efficiency of the filters reduce drastically with time. The AirEn mask is intuitively and ergonimically designed to allow easy replacement of these filters with new ones.
  • The AirEn filters are made from premium certified metldown, which aids in the filtration of gaseous materials. The fabric prevents water seeping through which means, it prevents droplet transmission from one person to another.  
  • The AirEn mask is powered by an internationally certified and patented fabric on the inside that is engineered to kill 99% of virus and bacteria and also prevent it's growth. It is also odour free.
  • A Premium outer layer fabric, that is specially designed to allow the natural flow of air. 
  • The AirEn head-strap takes the weight off your ears, while ensuring your mask stays on.
  • High Quality ear loop adjusters ensures a customized and secure fit.

Product 2: Doctor Suction Mug (480 ML)

  • Capacity:  480 ml
  • PP .ABS . 304 Stainless Steel. Silicon